Sunday, May 10, 2009

CU Designers Wanting to Participate...

If your trying to contact me and I do not respond, holler at me in here!
If you email me: make sure to put in the subject line: CU BLOG TRAIN.

If for some reason your are not on the list and you've asked to join, I WANT you to join, so I've missed you somewhere, and yes that means I suck!! So let me know, or respond in here or Email me! Muahhh!


  1. Hi.

    I would like to join the CU train if it is not too late :)

    My email is



  2. Your not to late hun! I've added you. I'm thrilled to have you!! :) Email me your email though, so I can send you the post link list of everyone for your blog on the 29th of May.