Monday, May 4, 2009

CU Blog Train!! Kicking off June 1st!!

Requirements are: Large 1000+ and up to Full Size Commercial Items!! This can be one item or as many as you like. Most CU items are grayscale but colorizing them is fine. Please include your T.O.U.'s with your download.

These will be given away free and must be created by you or be an CU4CU Item.

Jump on the blog train!! Deadline to have ready will be: MAY 28th. I will make sure everyone has the codes to place on their blog of each team blog train member's contribution, so make sure I have your email!!

Please email me at: and please place CU Blog Train in the subject line for me to easily search for it. Or feel free to respond to this post with your email and contact info.

I will have more updates soon!!

Most CU items are Grayscale, if you decide to show off colors or include them please follow this Palette if possible but CU items can be any color you choose, my friends. Please place on your preview or describe wether your contribution is Taggers Large Size or Full. :)


  1. Count me in hun, will email you in a mo :)

  2. Emailed you :)

    Do you have a blinkie for the train ?

  3. No hun, I do not have a blinkie for the train yet, are you wanting to create it?

  4. Hope this is ok hun.
    I'm not too good at blinkies LOL

  5. or a grey one :)

  6. thanks for the invite for the blog train. i wish i could take part...but i am leaving for vacation in 2 weeks for 2 weeks and i am swamped getting ready for that! thanks again.
    rebecca (twin mom scraps)

  7. worries hun! I know how busy life gets for us. Huggers sweetie!

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