Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Once a year I do a special causes/awareness theme that is very personal to me.

This is an additional train in an effort to support a very good friend of mine and the heartache she (and others) feel.  This train is completely voluntary!

The theme is based on awareness of gay teen suicide and its prevention in the hopes to support positive reinforcement while bringing attention to the cause and preventing it.

You may choose to name your part and create whatever you like but please stick to the color palette.

If you would like to join in on this train, please send an email to jwalls39@att.net with
"PREVENT THE HEARTACHE" in the subject line.
Include your blog url in the email please.

You may create one item, several items or a full kit...anything is welcome.

This is an Anything Goes train!
PU or CU Ok, 1 item, Kits, or several items are all good to go. QP's, Word Art, Papers, Elements, whatever you choose to create
are all welcome in an anything goes train.
...just follow the palette please.

Previews MUST state whether it's Full or Tagger size and PU or CU.
Please include your TOUs in your zip files.

Previews are due WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13th!! Please send me a PNG attachment (transparent background please) of your preview and your blog url no later than that date either through the yahoo group or directly to jwalls39@att.net.

Train takes off APRIL 15th (USA Central Time) and you must have your download links posted no earlier and no later than that date.

Your contribution needs to be available through the 30th of the month, then you are free to do what you like with them.

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