Monday, November 8, 2010

Gothic Inspirations December Blog Train 2010

This next months theme is going to be: Ho!Ho!Ho! Feel free to make it as naughty or nice as you'd like, just make sure the preview warns of any AC content as well as make the preview suitable for advertising. ;)This is any anything goes train! PU, CU, Tagger Or Full Size, 1 item, several items or a Kit all goes. Just have fun!

PREVIEWS are due by Saturday, November 27th, 2010.
2 Days after Thanksgiving.
So PLEASE check your schedules and make sure
you can commit before you say yes. Think if your going to have family that weekend or if you can get it in before if you do! :) Make it much easier.

Blog Trains leave the station on the 1st of each month (USA Time)

If you would like to join email me: with
in the subject line.

Hex Codes if you need it:


  1. Sounds fun, can't wait to see them, not that I'm in a hurry for snow weather, lol.

  2. ohhh how fun think i will join this one lol